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After the success of the 1st stage of PSDC (Phoenix
Singapore Dart Competition), PHOENIXDARTS teamed up with Bountie Arena and
TALKDARTS to run the 2nd stage of PSDC. As one of the most anticipated
competitions this year by Phoenix, we are proud to collaborate with Phoenix to
provide and host the event. Many strong top tier players from all over the
nation are gathered to compete with the aim to claim their place at the top.

Located at 1 Fusionopolis Way, B1-06/07/08, Singapore 138632, Bountie Arena provided facilities second to none for the competition, including 5 PHOENIXDARTS machines that can be accessed for public use. Bountie Arena is one of the ‘go-to’ places for practice. Experience darting like never before as they are one of the first few places to have the LED throw line installed in all 5 machines. With various types of delicacies surrounding the venue, darters tend to fulfill their cravings after a long day of competing. Moreover, Bountie Arena is coming up with their own dish anytime soon, how exciting is that? Aside from the food, you can also enter a room full of entertainment such as PC and console games. Or maybe you just want to sit back, relax while watching the big plasma screen screening live stream matches. During the event, Bountie Arena provides the screen to stream our match and people on the venue, especially darters, enjoyed the view and most importantly how it affects the level of the competitiveness in this competition.

Tight battles ensued with everyone displaying their best performance in both Men and Ladies Division. Eventually, there can only be four people to bring home the prize. Congratulation to Melvin Zheng for claiming first place and Terry Tan for Runner up in Men Division. Not forgetting Annabelle in the first place and Alice in runner up position in the Ladies Division. But most importantly thank you to everyone who participated and livens up the event. Credits to PHOENIXDARTS and Bountie Arena for organizing the events. If you missed out our events, you can click here to see the recorded live streaming. Follow us on our social media ( Instagram|Facebook ) to keep you updated with darts related news. See you at the next stage.


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