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As a closing event of their internal tournament series, GSK held their dart competition at Bountie Arena. Together with the help from Bountie Arena, GSK members experienced a thrilling yet compelling darts game. From someone who never picks up darts to players with high rating/handicap in the game, TALKDARTS designed the games to be enjoyed by everyone regardless of the level of expertise one has on game. In addition, TALKDARTS provided an exclusive live streaming services that are projected on Bountie Arena’s big plasma screen to groups that are preparing for their upcoming games. With the live streaming services, it added much more value like no other events.

At least 50 members from GSK showed up that day to participate and jazz up the whole event. From laughter, joy, and a slight rivalry of the ambitious, this event is a great bonding event for members to get together and to get to know more members from different departments of the company.

TALKDARTS hosted multiple corporate events at Bountie Arena. As a community, we are passionate to spread the fun and enjoyment of darts to others.

Want to host a similar event? Feel free to e-mail us at info@talkdarts.org to learn more!


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