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TALKDARTS New Features is HERE

TALKDARTS has launched new features. We are very excited to announce these features as it helps us to connect to the community of darters from around the world. There are two features, one is the Community Live Chat and the other one is the Discussion panel. 

Community Live Chat

To start off, the Community Live Chat is a place for darters to connect in real-time with other online users. You can find this feature almost anywhere on the website. The most prominent one would be on our home page. You can scroll down and you can find something like this.

When going to another section of our website, the Community Live Chat feature will be available on the right-hand side of the screen like this.

Community Live Chat [side]


Discussion is the place where darters can discuss topics that are related to darts. Simply by asking a question, it will open up a new thread of discussion where others can join the discussion by giving their opinion on the topics. This feature is similar to Quora.

If you go to our homepage, you can see ‘Discussion’ on our navigation menu. Click on the ‘Discussion’ to head to the page.

Click ‘Ask Question’ to open up a new discussion and start typing your question. Once the question is up, a new thread will show up on the discussion page.

To join in the conversation, click the topic of discussion that you are interested in and click on the ‘Add a Comment’ to give your thoughts regarding the topic.

We hope that these features will help darters, whether they are new or experienced players, to connect with one another. With this, it will also establish bonds that weren’t possible back then.

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